11th Biennal Conference in Mumbai


From 15th to 16th The 11th Biennal Conference of the Indian hyperthermia association IAHOM took place in Mumbai in February 2020. Thank you to Dr. Naguaj Huilgd for organizing the event.

The heckel exhibition stand with Dr. Abha Sharma-Teckemeier and her team in India are met with great interest.


wIRA superficial hyperthermia was discussed in lectures given by Dr. Markus Notter, Dr. Hans Crezee and Prof. Zeljko Vujaskovic.

We are in contact with several Indian clinics that show concrete interest in this method. There is a great need for an effective treatment for the many women with locally recurrent breast cancer.

Prof. Vaupel, Dr. Crezee, Dr. van der Zee and Prof. Vujaskovic were honored for their achievements in the field of hyperthermia. In his lecture, Peter Vaupel reported that hyperthermia (approx. 43 ° C) potentially stimulates HIF-1α, which promotes tumor progression. The question arises: could HIF-1α inhibition improve the effectiveness of hyperthermia?