Presentation of Complete Response of Stage IV Pancreatic Cancer by Kleef R et al.


At the conference, CICON 2019 - TRANSLATING SCIENCE INTO SURVIVAL from September 25.-28., 2019 in Paris, Ralf Kleef et al. from Vienna presented a case report on "Complete response of stage IV pancreatic cancer combining dose adapted checkpoint inhibitors with interleukin-2 (IL-2) and fever range hyperthermia". This presentation follows several presentations at international academic conferences, listed in the Selected publications and Running clinical trials auf - look at Oncology / 6. Congress abstracts.

Systematic pre-clinical research has revealed the powerful effects of fever-range hyperthermia on anti-cancer immune functions - reviewed in Repasky EA, Evans SS, Dewhirst M (2013): Temperature Matters! And Why it Should Matter to Tumor Immunologists.

It is evident that fever-range hyperthermia cannot act as a monotherapy in cancer therapy, but can probably significantly increase the effects of other immunotherapies. The new approach of a multi-modular therapy, including dose-reduced checkpoint inhibitors and fever-range whole-body hyperthermia, might be one example where one of the most ancient immune stimulating therapies could find its place in modern cancer therapy.


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