New book „Peter Vaupel (Editor): Water-filtered Infrared A (wIRA) Irradiation

The OPEN ACCESS publication (PDF, EPUB) provides a unique, comprehensive compilation of the physical basics as well as the clinical applications..

A Table of Contents offers a good overview and allows for the download of single chapters:

These chapters refer directly to oncological wIRA superficial hyperthermia and to fever-range whole-body hyperthermia. The corresponding medical devices (hydrosun®TWH1500 and heckel-HT3000) are distributed by heckel:

  • Notter et al: Thermography-Controlled, Contact-Free wIRA-Hyperthermia Combined with Hypofractionated Radiotherapy for Large-Sized Lesions of Unresectable, Locally Recurrent Breast Cancer - PDF
  • Crezee et al: Combined Use of wIRA and Microwave or Radiofrequency Hyperthermia - PDF
  • Multhoff et al: Mild Hyperthermia Induced by Water-Filtered Infrared A Irradiation: A Potent Strategy to Foster Immune Recognition and Anti-Tumor Immune Responses in Superficial Cancers? - PDF
  • Zschaeck et al: Whole-Body Hyperthermia in Oncology: Renaissance in the Immunotherapy Era? - PDF
  • Heckel-Reusser: Whole-Body Hyperthermia (WBH): Historical Aspects, Current Use, and Future Perspectives - PDF
  • Knobel et al: Whole-Body Hyperthermia (WBH) in Psychiatry - PDF

Of course, an attractive hardcover version is available for purchase as well.

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