ESTRO 2022 in Kopenhagen – great interest in wIRA superficial hyperthermia


For the first time, heckel exhibited at the annual ESTRO meeting, which took place in Copenhagen from 06-10 May 2022. There was great interest in contact-free wIRA (water-filtered infrared A) superficial hyperthermia as a radiosensitizer combined with hypofractionated radiotherapy. For most visitors from all over Europe, it was the first information about this new effective method for tumour control in inoperable superficial tumours.


In the poster session, the radiooncologist Alexander Rühle from the University Medical Center Freiburg reported on measurements of oxygenation:
PD-0490 Superficial wIRA-hyperthermia and re-irradiation: Role of oxygen-dependent radiosensitization. A. Thomsen, M.R. Saalmann, M. Notter, N.H. Nicolay, A. Grosu, P. Vaupel
Read this abstract in the ESTRO astract book, published in Radiotherapy & Oncology, Volume 170, Supplement 1, May 2022:

wIRA-hyperthermia (T = 39-43°C) leads to a distinct pO2 rise in superficial tissues, which is essential for radiosensitization. This benefit of improved tissue oxygenation is only present if HT is applied shortly before radiotherapy. Effective HT levels needed for inhibition of DNA repair could be observed up to a tissue depth of ≈5 mm, as present, e.g., in lymphangiosis carcinomatosa. Effective HT levels for improved oxygenation (T ≥ 39°C) can be measured up to a tissue depth of ≈30 mm.

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