Dr. Zschaeck from Charité / Radiooncology receives the ARO study award for a clinical WBH study

At DEGRO annual meeting 21.-24. June 2018 in Leipzig, Dr. med. Sebastian Zschaeck, Department of Radiation Oncology and Radiotherapy of the Charité Berlin, received the ARO (Working Group Radiooncology in the German Cancer Society) study award for beginning a clinical study on the combination of fever-range WBH (39°C core temperature) and radiotherapy for the treatment of locally recurrent head and neck tumors. The study analyzes whether fever-range WBH can increase oxygenation of tumor tissue and thereby the efficacy of radiotherapy:


Some basic research papers on this topic are listed at the bottom of this page: Selected publications.


group picture ARO-Studienpreis
group picture ARO-Studienpreis


lecture Dr. Zschaeck from Charité
lecture Dr. Zschaeck from Charité


Vortrag Dr. Zschaeck from Charité
lecture Dr. Zschaeck from Charité

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