Thermography-controlled wIRA superficial hyperthermia at DEGRO annual meeting 21. – 24. June 2018 in Leipzig

wIRA superficial hyperthermia in combination with hypofractionated radiotherapy of 5 x 4 Gy shows high efficacy and extremely low toxicity, enabling re-irradiation even in cases of large target areas and high pre-irradiation doses. Even repeat re-irradiation is possible.


The hydrosun®-TWH1500 system was presented in the heckel booth.

DEGRO 2018 - Stand heckel medizintechnik
DEGRO 2018 - heckel medizintechnik booth


Two lectures were related to this topic:

Dr. Per Lund reported the results of an in-vitro study conducted at the University Hospital Freiburg showing a radiosensitizing effect of 42°C-hyperthermia on breast cancer spheroids without increased toxicity to normal tissue. Moreover the radiosensitizing effect is significantly affected by the time gap between hyperthermia and radiotherapy: the shorter this interval, the better the effect. Abstract:

DEGRO 2018 - lecture Dr. Lund
DEGRO 2018 - lecture Dr. Lund

In the session “re-irradiation” Dr. Markus Notter (Lindenhofspital Bern) presented the results of 140 patients with pre-irradiated local recurrence of breast cancer, classified by size (response, local control after CR, local stabilization after PR). Only 4% of the patients in the study had no response (NC, PD). The ratio between CR and PR is strongly dependent upon tumor size. While achieving 79% CR and 21% PR in lesions < 10 cm in diameter, lesions that extend to the back (“cancer cuirasse”)  had no CR but 86% PR could be achieved. Looking at a subgroup with especially poor prognosis, patients with lymphangitis carcinomatosa achieved 40% CR that could be controlled during lifetime in 50% of the cases.

DEGRO 2018 - lecture Dr. Notter
DEGRO 2018 - lecture Dr. Notter


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