New publication: Combined wIRA-hyperthermia and reirradiation for Radiation-associated Angiosarcoma of the breast


Cancer Headline

Radiation-associated angiosarcoma of the breast (RAASB) is a rare, difficult-to-treat disease. The generally accepted primary therapeutic approach is surgical removal. In contrast, the role of adjuvant and systemic therapies is controversially discussed. The local recurrence rates reported in the literature are most heterogeneous and strongly depend on the extent of surgery. In cases of locally recurrent or irresectable RAASB, the prognosis is poor. 10 patients, most with locally recurrent or inoperable RAASB, were treated with thermography-controlled wIRA hyperthermia combined with re-irradiation. Adjuvant treatment immediately after initial surgery achieved sustained local control, even in case of R2 resection.

Good results were also achieved in local recurrences that developed very quickly after surgery as well as in irresectable tumors. The individual treatment results are described in detail and documented photographically.