Comprehensive Review on Heating Technology for Malignant Tumors


This review presents an excellent overview of numerous clinical hyperthermia and ablation techniques used for local, locoregional, and whole body therapy. The authors emphasize the need for "many dedicated devices designed to meet specific heating requirements for specific tumor sites".

For superficial hyperthermia up to a depth of 1.5-2cm hydrosun®-TWH1500 is described as a unique device for "contact free heating of large tumors", "avoiding both overheating of the skin and tissue dehydration" by using water-filtered infrared A, and enabling "real-time infrared thermography measurement and control of superficial temperatures".

For deeper target areas microwave antenna and capacitive techniques are appropriate.

For whole-body hyperthermia Iratherm1000 and heckel-HT3000 are assessed as the both commercially available devices, using "water-filtered infrared A and are capable of providing a safe, well controlled and fairly homogeneous temperature elevation".

The publication of Kok HP, Cressman ENK, Ceelen W, Brace CL, Ivkov R, Grüll H, ter Haar G, Wust P, Crezee J is open access available at