New hydrosun®-TWH1500 put into operation at Ordensklinikum Barmherzige Schwestern, Abteilung Radioonkologie, Linz / Austria.

The other radiooncologists responsible for the hyperthermia treatment are Oberarzt Dr. Johann Feichtinger, Oberärztin Dr. Roswitha Huppert und Dr. Barbara Fischerlehner.

Welcome in the group of the TWH users!

The Ordenklinikum is very interested in the exchange of experience, scientific exchange and participation in clinical studies.

Prof. Hans Geinitz (in the picture on the left) and senior physician Dr. Johann Feichtinger: "Superficial hyperthermia opens up new possibilities for us in the treatment of patients with cutaneous recurrences of breast carcinoma. We think it will help us to improve the quality of life of these patients. This also applies to the use in other superficial tumours".

The Ordensklinikum Linz is very interested in further scientific evaluation of the method - in cooperation with other users in Germany, Switzerland and the Netherlands.

Head of Radioonkologie, Prof. Dr. Hand Geinitz (left),  heckel hyperthermia Managing Director, Stefan Heckel-Reusser (right)