Comment by Notter et al. on Kronenfeld et al. 2021 in Cancers


Almost at the same time as the publication


appeared in July / August 2021 in Cancers the publication


In this paper, the importance of neoadjuvant systemic therapies is highlighted as a relatively new therapeutic approach for the treatment of RAASB.
In addition to the most interesting suggestions of Kronenfeld et al. for effective systemic therapies, Notter et al. emphasize the need of effective local therapy by combined hyperthermia/reirradiation, especially if complete resection including wide margins can not be achieved or if systemic therapies might not be questionable for specific patient groups due to expected unacceptable toxicity. The same is for local recurrence of RAASB.
Notter et al. propose an international collaboration to review existing and develop new therapeutic approaches for RAASB:


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