The sun’s radiation loses its harmful impact on the earth's ecosystem only after it has been filtered through water in the atmosphere.

Without a humid atmosphere to filter the sun's infrared radiation,

→ extreme dehydration as seen in the earth's hostile desert regions occurs.


Without water-filtering the infrared A and B radiation of a therapeutic IR-radiator with a high colour temperature,

→ a significant amount of the energy is absorbed by the water molecules in most superficial skin layers
→ the therapeutically effective irradiance is limited to approximately 100 mW/cm2


The most unique feature of hydrosun® is the use of a hermetically sealed water filter that absorbs infrared-B and –C light with wavelength of  > 1380 nm as well as two distinct water absorption bands at 944 and 1180 nm.

The water-filtered infrared A radiation of hydrosun® enables

→ and thus a significantly increased efficacy.